The Malicious Mr. Mech was the pilot episode for M³. It begins with Tyrontics on the Free Breeze, recounting his story. It then flashes back to show how Tyrontics was enslaved by Mr. Mech and trained to be a master mech gladiator in his arena. Throughout the episode we learn how the tyrannical Mr. Mech took over planet Earth and started the Mech Arena, in which slaves fight to the death in large mechs. Tyrontics learns the skills and abilities needed to compete in the Mech Arena and gathers the materials needed to build his mech: Black Lightning. The episode culminates in a battle between Tyrontics and his first enemy, Kammael. After facing Kammael down in the arena and learning that Kammael is a childhood friend previously called Leammak, Tyrontics makes a fateful decision to survive and kills Kammael. Afterwords, he is congratulated by Mr. Mech for his skillful technique and returns to his cell.

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