Rivet is the despised frog that is always seen aboard The Free Breeze no matter how many times it appears he has been killed. He is only actually useful for making frog related puns, being killed, and using his robotic eye implant to substantiate irrelevant claims.  Rivet was first introduced in Season 2, Episode 6. From that point on, Rivet has been destroyed on screen 23 times ( and presumably 12 times off screen). He is commonly used for comic relief when the plot tenses up.


Rivet was first created by Dr. J to help him cheat in Mr. Mech's Arena. His primary directive was to steal info from the other mechs and allow Dr. J to develop tricks and cheats so Mr. Mech could fix the competitions. Dr. J secretly used Rivet to spy on the slaves and wealthy alike at the competitions and in their personal quarters. He then sold the information he gathered to the highest bidders. After his treachery was discovered, Dr. J was executed and Rivet was thrown out into the trash without a power source. After decades without power,Tyrontics powered up Rivet with a battery he had found earlier. Due to the large time with a lack of use, Rivet has serveral malfunctioning chips within him. These caused him to be hyper, nosey, and perverted. What was interesting though, was Rivet's advanced ability to reconstruct which couldn't even be explained by Mr. Mech.


Rivet, while once a loyal robot serving its master's needs, is an annoying creation. He goes out of his way to create frog related puns about almost every aspect of life and treats life as a fun game. (Probably due to his limited amount of it). He is very uptight when it comes to things under his ownership, but cares little about the other crew members. Has also been know to spy on everyone in the shower due to a perversion malfunction in his code.

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