The antagonist of known only as Mr. Mech (ミスターメック). He is a tyrannical dictator who is intent on controlling the entire world. His background is shrouded in mystery and his origins and motives are unknown.


Life before the event of M³Edit

Little is known of Mr. Mech's origins except for what is revealed in season. 

M³ Season 1Edit

During this season, Mr. Mech's power is growing. He is taking control of most of the planet almost without resistance. This is until he meets Tyrontics , one of his slave mech fighters who escapes his arena and becomes his most troublesome foe. 

=M³ Season 2= 

It is in this season that Mr. Mech's origins are revealed. It is discovered that he is a Cyblain. An alien race that have been attempting to enslave the entire human race. During this season Mr.Mech is at the height of his power. He controls the entire world and most of its people.

M³ Season 3Edit

As the full alien invasion is underway, Mr. Mech is forced to relinquish some of his control and become a Cyblain General, a step down from his previous position as World Dictator. However the human race fights back hard, and he is soon one of the few remaining Generals and takes back command. 

M³ Season 4Edit

As the alien strongholds in our solar system begin to dwindle Mr. Mech is forced back to his final fortress. Here he has a final battle with Tyrontics in which they both are killed. 

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