Kami is Krixool's sister and a former member of The Free Breeze's crew. Her true job aboard the ship was somewhat unclear, as she seemed to oscillate between the kitchens and the engine room, while showing no particular flare for either.


While Kami was born under the same conditions as her brother, she was snuck out early as an infant to a rebel town in the Anarchia, the clouds of inhabited asteroids. She lived in relative peace until Tyrontics and The Free Breeze arrived at the town of Starea, a nearby rebel port carved into the core of the plantesimal Davidea. Hearing that her brother was in danger, she went along with the group. She saw a strong and powerful leader in Tyrontics and began to have feelings for him, but he rejected her, telling her that he had "hopelessly different views on love and loss" (and, of course, masking his rarely shown but proven sexuality. Throughout the first two seasons, this dynamic creates sometimes comedic, sometimes tragic plot elements.) Discouraged, but not broken, she attempts to prove herself to Tyrontics in many subsequent missions. She tragically leaves herself as bait for Mr. Mech's bombers in <EPISODE??>, as most of the crew escaped with their lives. She died in the pearl mines along with the other crewmen who stayed.


While being rather timid most of the time, Kami puts her best foot forward and tries to see the good in the situation. Even with this, she can panic over small things and has rather deep seeded trust issues. Kami has strong beliefs and stubborn convictions, which sadly led to her ultimate, untimely demise.

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